Your company’s promotional products don’t always have to be practical and conservative. Sometimes the client or occasion calls for something fun, out of the ordinary and that will make your customers and prospective clients really notice your company name.

But your image is key in the business world, so to be taken seriously while still seeing the lighter side of client relations relies on high quality products which have been considered and will be a pleasure to receive and a source of cheer for office workers. And a fun promotional product is not just for your client; a toy could be taken home to their loved ones, where your brand name and colors will be seen in leisure time and by families and friends, and more importantly, that promotional bear could become a faithful friend – invaluable marketing.

There are many promotional items which will appeal both to clients in the office and to their children too, and picking one of the following options means you double your chances of the gift being used.

Promotional piggy banks or money boxes are great for that loose change after the sandwich run, and picking one in trendy translucent fuchsia will mean it stands proud in the office and might even be used as a charity or other collection point. And parents will also want to take them home for their children as a means of encouraging sensible saving. Either way your brand is on display in association with saving money while also being a fun item – you really cannot lose!

Puzzles, for example a promotional rubik cube, are appealing for all. Whether it’s to occupy twitching fingers in the office or to be a classic children’s toy, it will be used time and time again until it is solved and this means constant brand presence whenever it is played with. Games and puzzles are timeless, and whether it’s battleships or a promotional snafooz puzzle, imprinted with your company name, they are sure to provide your client or their families with hours of entertainment.

So far from being the soft option, choosing a promotional item that is fun and appeals to the child in us all is a wise business decision that means great promotion for your company.