Businesses looking for a unique way to market their brands should consider investing in promotional products. Promotional products are cost effective because they become walking adverts which are often passed from one customer to another. Because of this, they become an advertising tool with infinite possibilities for future return. For example, if a company chooses to give away pens printed with its name and contact information with every order, the pen travels to a variety of locations and will be used, or offered to others for use, throughout the day. From the post office to the bank or school, even if it is left behind by the original recipient, the pen continues to function as a promotional product, reminding all who see it of the valuable services offered by this business. Promotional products give the best return on investment (ROI) when they are highly visible, travel easily, and provide a needed service. Promotional umbrellas fit all three of these categories. Because they can be used for both sun and rain, people carry them everywhere, including the office, public transport, shopping trips, and vacations. Whenever promotional umbrellas are used, the customers remember the business which offered it, and this generates good will toward the company. Along the way, the company’s logo is prominently displayed to potential new customers. The dollars spent on this walking advert is an excellent investment that can attract customers for many years. Promotional products are versatile because they can be used in several different ways. Businesses may give them to important clients or customers as a form of appreciation. Promotional items may be used as awards to employees for doing great work or achieving special goals. This type of incentive has been proven to increase company morale and loyalty. Businesses find promotional items especially useful at trade shows to provide a visible reminder of the services that are offered by their companies. Whether the promotional products are imprinted with a company name, a logo, some form of contact information, or another important message, fifty-five percent of the people who receive them keep them for over a year. Research shows that fifty-two percent of the people who receive promotional products actually return to do business with that company again. Because promotional products result in such good publicity, highly successful companies, both large and small, include them in their annual budgets and are pleased with the results of these walking adverts. To find a distributor of promotional products in the UK visit the bpma sourcing site. All British promotional merchandise Association members must supply trade references and a suitable financial history before they can join. During their membership, they must adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that their practices are legal, decent and honest.) Look out for their logo displayed on their website or stationary.