Promotional products help business across the world get noticed. They work great as promotional giveaways, trade show products, and employee appreciation gifts. The importance of the product you chose is just as important and what you want the product to be imprinted with. And when choosing the best promotional item it’s a good idea to explore all of your options. You will find that some products work for you and others will not. And you will also find that some products work best when they’re with each other. Highlighting each others features and working together for optimal use, promotional product pairs are becoming the next best thing in the promotional world.

The promotional jotter is a great giveaway product that can be transformed into the perfect promotional package with the addition of a custom imprinted pen. You will impress your customers and provide them with a useful and reliable product with a jotter and pen combination. Many jotters come with an elastic pen holder that helps keep its user organized. A jotter and pen are perfect for on-the-go note taking of addresses, phone numbers, and appointments. This promotional product package is small enough to toss in your bag yet large enough to hold all your daily content. This duo can be used as a trade show giveaway for instant success. All trade show visitors will appreciate the jotter and pen on their busy day and your company will get great exposure through on-going use of the jotter and pen.

Another great promotional item pair is the custom water bottle and imprinted towel. This promotional pair works great together at the beach, on the court, or in the gym. There is a wide variety of water bottles to choose from, ranging from sports bottles with push-pull lids to eco-friendly water bottles with built in straws. A refreshing gulp of water while laying on the hot beach or an energy-inducing swig while out on a bike ride make water bottles an undeniably resourceful item. And while on the beach or sweating it out at the gym, a promotional towel is always desired. With tons of colors, designs, and materials to choose from, there is a towel for everyone. The imprint area on towels is incredibly large which allows for maximum exposure. The water bottle and towel combination promotional products are great year round and perfect for any corporate event.

Rounding out our list of great promotional product pairs is the custom imprinted key chain and promotional tote bag. Everyone has a set of keys so why not provide customers with something that everyone can use? A key chain helps you to personalize your set of keys and can help make finding them easier as well; especially if they’re at the bottom of a large bag. Luckily many tote bags include key holders or mini pockets that are great for storing keys, cash, and IDs. Promotional tote bags are a great giveaway idea because of their usability and their rise in popularity among the fashion world. The most popular tote bags seen lately are eco-friendly bags made of recycled goods. When you bring your own tote to the grocery store you help reduce plastic and paper bag waste, and with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can do it in style.

When choosing the perfect giveaway item, considered a promotional product pair. Some products work best when together. If you choose a promotional item package, you’ll show your clients that you’ll go that extra mile for them. By choosing a promotional giveaway with more then one item, you provide your company with more then one means of advertising. Promotional product pairs will be utilized by their users and provide your company with the exposure that it deserves.