Businesses that use free vacations as a promotional product report an average of 25% increase in sales.
Available only to fortune 500 companies for many years, these promotional products are now available to almost any business at a very affordable price. So affordable you probably won’t believe it.
In the past the general public was a little skeptical about these types of promotional products, or just did not want to put up the hassle of making reservations, filling out the paper work, paying the taxes, etc.
But today and with a proven track record, these promotional products are a win-win situation for all parties involved. The properties get to fill unbooked rooms that would otherwise be empty and you get the room for free with the property counting on you to spend money in the casino, the restaurant or the shops.
There are many companies offering these promotional products and the most popular today is the “print yourself certificate” In other words, you are provided a license to print as many certificates as you like.
You can print them right from your computer as needed or have you local copy shop do it for you.
There are certain restrictions like black out dates during Holidays and certain areas before a big event. It should all be spelled out and if it isn’t you are doing business with the wrong company.
The consumer usually has to pay the room tax, gratuities, transportation ect.
To increase your website traffic offer a free vacation just for visiting. As a promotional product you can offer a week’s vacation with any purchase.
You can even display a banner on your website as many incentive companies will provide these for you. This way, the whole process is automated and your customer can receive their incentive immediately.
You can also send a certificate via email with your offers or any advertising message. The prospective customer just received a free gift from you, a powerful incentive to read what you have to say and consider making a purchase.
Many online retailers send a certificate to all of their customers just to say thank you!
Retaining current customers should be one of your most important tasks, what a great way to help keep your customers coming back.
For physical locations and for use in the real estate, mortgage, insurance or any other industry where leads are crucial to sales, promotional products have been used for many years with great success. What a great way to get an appointment by giving away a free vacation.
Any MLM company can increase their down line with vacation certificates.
These promotional products are very popular with Fund Raising organizations like schools, and churches that use vacation certificates to promote fundraising efforts.
Vacation certificates work great with eBay sellers, travel agencies, telemarketers, newsletter/ezine owners and telemarketers.
With just a little bit of imagination you should be able to come up with some creative possibilities for using these promotional products in your business.
The power of a free gift used as a promotional product should never be underestimated.
If you use vacation certificates as a business incentive you will see your business prosper and you will make sales you never would have.