Using promotional products effectively can open up many new marketing opportunities for your company. Promotional products attract new customers as well as reactivate old ones. Name recognition is an important factor in marketing. A useful item with your company’s logo will keep that brand recognition alive in the minds of potential customers. Promotional products are a powerful sales opportunity. In a recent study, respondents indicated they were able to recall a brand name much better if they had received a promotional product as compared to only reading about the product in a print publication. Quite simply, promotional products increase sales. Consumers who’d been given promotional item reordered 13 percent sooner than those without a promotional product. There is no limit to the kinds of promotion item that can be used. Such standards as calendars, pens, umbrellas, key chains and coffee mugs will keep your logo in front of a potential buyer on a daily basis. A successful campaign using promotional items should be carefully planned and organized in order to maximize the company’s investment. First, the target audience must be selected and quantified. The chosen promotional item should have a specific and legible message to further brand recognition. The timing of the campaign must be considered, and it is important that the promotional item be appropriate. Most importantly, the company’s details must be displayed for easy viewing. Promotional products can also be used very successfully at conferences and meetings. A pen and notepad with a company logo can easily be added to any conference folder. These items are immediately useful and can be utilized on a continued basis. Attendees should leave the conference informed and with a favorable mindset toward the company name. A pleasant reminder by way of a simple pen increases the success potential of any marketing meeting. For a successful marketing campaign, a company’s name must be recognized. Promotional items add to name recognition and interest. Eventually, they lead to increased sales and profits. To find a distributor of promotional products in the UK visit the bpma sourcing site. All British promotional merchandise Association members must supply trade references and a suitable financial history before they can join. During their membership, they must adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that their practices are legal, decent and honest.) Look out for their logo displayed on their website or stationary.