Choosing the right promotional product for your advertising needs isn’t just about

winning custom and impressing the competition; branding items with your company logo and name can be a great way of showing the world that your company has a caring and responsible attitude when it comes to conducting business. So what better way to make you shine in the eyes of your employees, customers and clients than opting for a promotional product that cares?

Current concerns about environmental impact and the effect of stress in the workplace can be reflected in your choice of promotional product, and whether handing them out at trade fairs or distributing them to your staff, it’s important that you create the best impression you can. Stress-busting promotional products: if yours is a fast-paced working environment, why not opt for something that will help keep your staff’s stress levels to a minimum? You can pick a promotional stress balls to suit your environment, from brightly-coloured squeezable keyrings to sporty stress toys such as a squeezable golf clubs for those who are enthusiasts. Tailor them to your staff’s tastes and you will be shown to want them to stay calm and happy at all times. And this can only be good for customers on the other end of the phone!

And stress-busters can be just as appreciated with clients. Make your brand go hand in hand with a break from pressure by sending clients branded stress toys in whatever colour, shape or style that suits them or best represents your company (if you’re a car company why not send out a squeezable slotted car stress toy, or maybe you’re a music shop for whom a musical note stress toy would be perfect?). As advertising, it is a light-hearted yet effective way to spread your company name. Recycled promotional products: show that your company is an ethical, environmentally-aware business by opting for recycled promotional products. If your logo is printed on the cover of a recycled notepad it’s sure to show you’re a responsible employer to anyone who scribbles on it (the recycled logo will sit on the same product as your company logo). And they’re not just practical products: why not stock your exhibition stand with something eye-catching such as a printed promotional boomerang (made from recycled CD cases), or make sure that your staff aren’t late for work in the winter with a recycled promotional ice scraper.

So by making your company name and brand closely associated with products that care, you are not only valuing the environment and the wellbeing of your staff, but securing a great reputation by advertising yourself effortlessly whenever the promotional product is reached for or seen.