Your Promotional Products Distribution Options

By | November 22nd, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Your Promotional Products Distribution Options

Now that you’ve chosen your products, ordered it and received it promptly, what’s the next step? The proper distribution of your products spells the success or the utter failure of your promotional products marketing plan. When developing the strategy for the distribution, you should take into consideration its costs over the cost of your promotional product. Even if it does come in a bit higher, try to limit it to an amount that would still ensure you get a considerable ROI.

Here are some ways to send out your message:

1. Make it a mailer – The easiest method of distribution is to send your promotional product via snail mail. You must exercise caution when choosing this distribution option. Make sure you calculate all the risks. Especially during the holidays, take into consideration the delays that may occur as a result of increased mail traffic. Give yourself ample time to prepare, order and send out the promotional item. One very important factor to consider when sending items via mail: you must know the exact and current address of your clients. This method of distribution is ideal for customers with whom you’ve already established business relationships. Smaller items like pens, pocket calculators or custom notepads can easily be distributed by mail at minimal cost.

2. An exciting event yields exceptional results. Make a blast out of your promotional giveaway day, set up a luau or be in costume. Whatever your gimmick, an event organized specifically for the distribution makes the promotional product even more memorable.

3. Trade shows, conventions and seminars. The classic distribution venue, these events always draw out the greed for something free. Participants will have no qualms about taking your giveaway from you, so this is the perfect opportunity to give out something unique. When choosing your promotional item, try to envision what other exhibitors are going to be giving away and think of something that will stand out from the rest.

4. An inviting offer. Here’s a creative idea to get them to come to you: send out an announcement that you’re giving away a special gift to the first few customers. Even without letting them know what that gift is, you’ll soon see people lining up for your freebie.

5. Employee appreciation days. Set aside a day to show your employees just how much you really care. Using promotional products to boost employee morale results in company loyalty and a possibility of making promoters out of your own employees.