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Promoting or Branding your business in the Tampa Bay area is more important now than ever before. Given the state of the economy and the fact that many businesses are choosing to not advertise makes now the perfect time to really get in front of your customer. Notice the businesses that are closing their doors are the same businesses that pulled the plug on their advertising budgets back in September?

Before you begin working with a Promotional Products distributor there are a few things that you should look for.

Asking a few simple questions at first contact will save you time and money. Many people are looking for cheap promotional items. Cheap works most of the time. A few great tradeshow items you may want to consider are.. Custom Koozies, Promotional Pens, Personalized Lanyards(cheap lanyards too) and the grandaddy of them all….Custom Calendars.

Custom calendars are by far the best bang for your promotional buck. When you take the price of each calendar and divide it out by 365, the cost to be in front of YOUR CUSTOMER is just pennies per day. Be warned…Most Calendar orders repeat for 8 years. So, if you stop ordering them chances are good that your customers will be calling and asking for them.

Many businesses with sales teams know that the best way to motivate their force is with Recognition. Sales people love to be noticed and respond well when recognized. There are thousands of great corporate gift items that will inspire and motivate. Ask your Promotional Products rep for some ideas.. Until next time.