Everybody wants to get something free of charge. That is why trade show giveaways – the promotional products with a logo or slogan imprinted on it that the companies donate at trade shows – are so popular. Such giveaways have a double function – they advertise your business and, at the same time, they are useful. When you choose a gift for someone, you want to give something that he or she can use, right? It is the same thing here. People have different preferences and tastes, but we all use some things. Bags, calendars, planners, clocks, pens, lanyards, table skirts or tablecloths, notebooks and coffee mugs are perfect as promotional products, because everybody needs these things.

Next to the useful stuff, companies also give away “fun” things, like balloons, stress relievers (squeeze balls), toys and games. Another important thing is that your promotional products are visible. After all, the purpose is to promote your products and services. The more people see an advertisement, the more efficient it is. This is why bags and tablecloths make a good choice for trade show giveaways – you can be sure that everyone will see them during the trade show.

Promotional products must be things that people use every day. For example, every time these people will have a cup of coffee, they will see your company’s name and logo on the coffee mug. Every time they write with the free giveaway pen, they will see your company’s logo on it. They will become familiar with your brand, even if they are not aware of it, and next time they are in a supermarket and need to choose from a bunch of different products, guess whose products they are going to choose?

Of course, advertising is not an exact science, because people are not robots and react unpredictably. You cannot be sure that the people to whom you offered trade show giveaways will end up as your faithful clients. Nevertheless, chances that they will use your products and services will increase. If you use them wisely, promotional products can be a very important part of your marketing strategy. In order to have positive effects, free products must satisfy certain customers’ needs, to look attractive (some bright colors and a funny logo would help) and become part of the potential clients’ everyday routine, such as in the examples above.

You can also opt for giveaway products imprinted with your company’s logo to your employees as corporate holiday gifts. This will make them feel like they are part of a team and they will feel more motivated. Your business partners and suppliers will also be glad to receive promotional gifts from you on special occasions. It is a perfect opportunity for you to show your business partners that you appreciate them and to promote your products and services.

We offer you the possibility to custom your own trade show giveaways according to your needs. Do you want your next trade show to be a success? Then you had better begin to think about your new promotional products that will attract a multitude of customers. With our help, your advertising campaign will be a success and your brand will become more popular than ever. Every time somebody uses your free giveaway products, he or she will become familiar with your company’s name and logo. It is a very efficient and simple method of advertising.