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2 08, 2011

Pharma and Medical Industry Marketing that Educates

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Competition is fierce in all areas of the medical industry. Traditional printed collateral such as brochures are sure to be an important piece of the promotional marketing mix for Pharma, Dental and Medical Marketing, but also easy for your prospects to toss in the trash. When communicating for product launch, introductions and new Wellness programs it is important that important medical information for educational and marketing purposes actually gets communicated.

Finding ways of maximizing your marketing or advertising budget is important for successfully marketing to the healthcare industry. But, the real key is to create an emotional bond and connection with your customers, while providing the educational information industry regulations require. And, when it comes to picking out educational, promotional giveaways, it’s important to keep the perceived value in mind. Let me show you how.

The 3D desktop Magic Cube is a folding advertising puzzle that displays information about your product or services. Complete with all the wonderful emotions the high quality photography will convey, the 100% custom Magic Cube sits on your prospect’s desk or counter-top. And, when they pick it up, they will be engaged in the fidget factor. Add a QR code for a link to your website, where medical professionals can request samples, download product sheets, or ask you a question. Magic Cubes make excellent trade show gifts that continue to communicate and brand long after your marketing event. That’s desktop branding with integrated real-time lead generation. Simply put, if connecting to your prospects adds to your bottom line, then choose what the experts choose. Visit for your custom Magic Cube and start leaving lasting impressions today.

31 03, 2011

How to choose Promotional Products that work.

By | March 31st, 2011|Business Trade Show Gifts, Case Histories, Gallery, General, Marketing Concepts, News, Reviews|Comments Off on How to choose Promotional Products that work.

Get the power of positive emotion with the #1 choice of promotional product experts.
Bob Levitt, 17 year veteran and expert advertising and promotional product specialist speaks out about what works when you have hundreds of thousands of promotional product items to choose from. Simply put, if lead generation is important. If connecting to your clients and prospects adds to your bottom line, then choose what the experts choose.

21 11, 2009

Some Earth-friendly Promotional Product Ideas

By | November 21st, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Some Earth-friendly Promotional Product Ideas

Most businesses use promotional products to advertise their businesses, especially at conventions and trade shows. However, it is important for many people to be environmentally friendly. While many promotional products are not, there are choices that you can pick in order to promote your business while still keeping nature in mind. Using environmentally friendly promotional products will help you and your business do your part to save the world.

First, consider the product from which the promotional products are made. Plastics are common, although products can also be made out of paper, wood, ceramic, and a variety of other materials. Before ordering, call the company to find out their policy about using these products. Where the plastics recycled? Can be they recycled easily? Keep in mind that recycling plastics can usually be done, but some communities limit the categories of plastics that can be recycled. 1-5 are usually your best bets. In any case, paper products can also be recycled.

Learn about how the products will be shipped to you as well. Larger products will undoubtedly take more space, and therefore require larger shipping boxes and more packaging material. Of course, you can work with your promotional products company to discuss shipping options in order to cut costs and be more environmentally friendly. Sometimes, smaller boxes are possible. If the order is shipped together, you may also be able to cut back on packaging. You can even discuss the use of recycled newspaper or other environmentally friendly packing options with your promotional products company. It never hurts to ask, right?

Remember, if the product is useful, it is better for the environment. Why? Well, if a product is useful, there is less of a chance that people will throw it away. Unfortunately, many people do not recycle, meaning that your promotional products have a good chance of ending up in a landfill. Instead, useful products will be continually used in the home. Mugs, cups, umbrellas, pens, letter openers, and Frisbees are all good examples of promotional items that are less likely to find their way to the trashcan.

You can also provide promotional that promote not only your business, but also saving the environment. A great example of such a product is the tote bag. Tote bags can be used in place of paper or plastic bags at the grocery store in order to cut down on their consumption. However, you can also attractively print your name or logo on the side of a tote bag in order to advertise your business. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

20 11, 2009

Become Popular With Promotional Products

By | November 20th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Become Popular With Promotional Products

Promotional products play a vital role in the advert of the company. Not only small businesses, multinational corporations are using this innovative way of promoting the brand. This has been made possible with the help of usable, durable and attractive products. Quality speaks itself, if once people start believing in the brand through these products they approach the same brand again and again. These products with name, logo or message imprinted upon them remind the consumers of the brand name again and again. Other benefit to use these products for propaganda is that it is cheaper than other methods like print media or electronic media.It is very important for a promotional product to be elegant enough to compel recipients to use it. This makes recipients to approach the company frequently, whenever they need that. This way by handing out these products to clients or consumers, companies or organizations can not only popularize its products and brands but can also build long-term interpersonal relationships with them. To select a promotional product an entrepreneur should be savvy enough in order to select most appropriate product in terms of above mentioned characteristics. These products can also be given to the employees as a memento in order to recognize them loyal. This helps to boost the employees’ morale and motivate them to achieve greater productivity. This can also be a way to say thanks to the consumer or client to visit or availing the services of the company. Sending an imprinted gift to your business partner is a way to show them that you appreciate their business and at the same time establish a lasting partnership. These products help to create tradeshow traffic. It is just a small gift that builds tradeshow traffic. This is a key to get more prospects for a business. This all can be done easily by choosing a worth receiving promotional product. If you choose a product which cannot be used or is not durable, this can bring negative effects on your business. Promotional product can be anything useful like pens, writing materials, mugs, coasters, bags, folders, mouse mats, key rings, travel and leisure gifts, desktop products and promotional fashion, attire and many more. This is a great way for any company or organization to promote its brand name.

19 11, 2009

Top Five Promotional Products for Business Events

By | November 19th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Top Five Promotional Products for Business Events

Business events like trade shows or conferences are a good platform to promote products. For the marketing department entrusted with the responsibility of promoting products and services in such events, promotional tools like promotional products have a great relevance. Innovative use of promotional gifts can help them to accomplish objectives in brand building at these events. A promotion in conferences and exhibitions needs a good amount of money in addition to time and therefore, the promotional campaigns should be able to deliver expected results so that all the hard work gets rewarded. That is why, it is extremely important to pick top promotional products for business events so that the true potential of the gifts can be realised and desired results can be derived from the campaign. It is easily understandable that business events help a business organisation in reaching to a large part of the population and that with minimum of efforts which ultimately help it in pushing up the sales. And, this can only be done with the help of top promotional products.We at Ideasbynet, therefore alwa ys recommend our clients to make the most of any business event. We also stress on the importance of top promotional products in such events. Secondly, since these promotional gifts stand for the reputation of an organisation in these business events therefore, it should be capable of impressing a client. There are many promotional products which can be used in business events but as per our experience, at Ideasbynet, the top five promotional gifts are:- 1. Conference folders- The most widely used promotional item in business events. So much so that participants in exhibitions and conferences expect it. But, conference folders have not lost its charm and the market offers great varieties in it. 2. Conference bags- If you have a slightly high budget then choose conference bags in place of folders and make inroads in to your customer’s heart. The bags will be in use for a longer time and will remind the recipient about your company, each time they are used. 3. Golf umbrellas- Most of the participants in business events are either businessmen or executives. And, golf is hugely popular among professional. So, why not take a break from regular items and make your presence felt with promotional golf umbrellas. 4. Mouse mats- A new age business gift. Mark yourself in a place where your customer spends most of his/her time and you will never be out of his eyes…or we say mind. 5. Writing Instruments- A great utility product in business events. Pens, note pads and lots more on offer.

16 11, 2009

Promotional Products: Producing Effective Marketing

By | November 16th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Promotional Products: Producing Effective Marketing

It’s the time of year when you should be seriously looking at the way you market your company. Even if you are a very successful company you cannot afford to sit back and relax. When it comes to advertising your business you are in a very competitive world. It does not matter what line of business you are in, your aim is to stand out from the rest of the competition in your particular field.
So what should you do to rise above the rest of the competition?
The answer is simple; choose a successfully proven form of advertising like using high quality promotional goods. If you choose wisely, your company will never look back. Your orders will increase and just as importantly you will attract new customers.
You’ve got to look at your marketing strategy in the long term. For a reasonable financial outlay you can buy excellent quality promotional products. Once you have decided this is the right step for your company, which it undoubtedly is, you should find a reliable promotional product company.
Look for a company who supply’s high grade promotional products and make sure they can meet your deadlines, especially at peak times like Christmas.
Next you must select a promotional product that creates a positive impact on your customers, and with the festive season coming up a perfect choice would be some bright and cheerful promotional sweets. They could be festive baubles or chocolate Santa’s, or even some tasty sweeties in bright wrappers.
What better way to send out a message of goodwill to you loyal customers and attract new business.

14 11, 2009

Why your Company Needs to Consider Promotional Products

By | November 14th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Why your Company Needs to Consider Promotional Products

You may think that promotional products are just an optional extra for a business, but this is a mistake too often made.
Every company can benefit from their brand being advertised on the right products and the resulting sales and exposure that your business will receive will be invaluable. But if you’re new to the world of promotional products it might help to see when in particular they are crucial tools for your advertising.Conferences and exhibitions: the best stands have eye-catching displays offering quality products. Whether practical clip-pens with your company logo help you to attract interest in your business or something bold and fun such as promotional Frisbees reflect your ethos best, they will act as a great tool to draw interested parties to your stand. Holidays and festivals: when it comes to Christmas and Easter, promotional items come into their own as a goodwill way to spread your company slogan and name. Customers will love to receive free seasonal products from you, whether indulgent, branded Easter eggs or a 3D snow globe with a cheerful scene, they send the message that you value their custom and this means a product that will be kept and enjoyed and best of all, is associated with your name.Meetings: promotional products can be crucial for you to make the right impression to customers during meetings. If you make their refreshment in your company’s promotional mugs, which might depict your logo loud and proud on a high-quality item, it shows you mean business and have the confidence in your brand. And add to this promotional folders and notepads and you’ll be sure to impress when it counts, that is during face-to-face appointments with clients and potential customers.

14 11, 2009

Brand Building: How to Use Promotional Products

By | November 14th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Brand Building: How to Use Promotional Products

If you are embarking on a marketing campaign the first thing you need to concentrate on is building brand awareness: making your product visible to everyone who might want to buy it.

An excellent way to filter your brand into the lives of your target audience is to use promotional products that are embellished in some way with your logo. Useful branded accessories are seen in the workplace and home every day. Promotional products put your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Once you’ve studied the profile of your target audience and have chosen some useful, well-made promotional products, you can use them in a multitude of ways to help build and uplift brand awareness. Here are just a few examples:• Direct Mail: post a gift to show you care and promote your brand at the same time. Back up a sales letter with a branded keyring or a questionnaire with a printed pen.• The corporate effect: send your sales team and other key staff to conferences, seminars, networking events and business meetings with branded folders, pens, notepads and calculators to make your business appear professional and promote your brand at the same time.• Parties and events: don’t let your guests leave empty handed! Send them away with a goody bag filled with gifts that they’ll take back home or to the office. They’ll remember you every day and your brand will be seen by even more people.Promotional products are an important part of any marketing campaign, helping to build brand awareness and support any media or direct mail drive. Used wisely, they will really enhance a promotional push.

14 11, 2009

Reaching New Horizon With Promotional Products

By | November 14th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Reaching New Horizon With Promotional Products

Any business school teaching marketing strategy to its students will stress on the importance of promotional products. A promotional product is a mean by which an organization can launch and advertise its products in the market. Therefore, a promotional product has to be well chosen so as to make a lasting impact on the clients.

They should be small in size and decently priced, not very costly, as it will put a huge burden on the economy of the company, neither too cheap as it will put the company in a poor light. It should not be too loud; neither should it be completely transparent. It should just be a nice mixture of subtlety and what is called fashionable. And of course, it has to be decent, attractive and it should make a lasting impact on the minds of the recipient.

If you are looking for promotional products that fulfill all the requirements and still be quite decently priced then the website is the perfect place for you. This website belongs to the UK based suppliers Argon Promotions which specially specializes in promotional products.

All the goods available on this website have been put up for display on it after a lot of market research. This website especially takes pride in its very approachable staff that is there to help you out in all your specific requirements. And you are sure to get the best deal in the market money wise. You can also imprint your company’s name in any format that you like and in any sort of engraving to make the name look really memorable.

The options are engraving, screen-printing, embossing, gold blocking and embroidery. With so many different types of encrypting available your company can choose the one that suits the products perfectly.

10 11, 2009

Create Brand Awareness With Promotional Products

By | November 10th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Create Brand Awareness With Promotional Products

If you have recently been on a trip to window-shopping you must have noticed the number of brands that stock the market. For every single product line there are innumerous brands that flood the market. The consumer today has more choices than ever before. The number of brands in the market is piling up with each passing day so much so that it has become hard to distinguish between various brands today. In this vast plethora of products creating space for your own brand makes for a task that is next to impossible.

Carving niche for your own brand is a very essential task if you want to stay in the league. For your organisation to achieve success it is very important that people identify with your brand in the very first place. You might be producing the best products in the business but there is absolutely no point if your audience does not know of your organisation. Your audience needs to know you first if you want them to use your product or service.

But keeping in mind the kind of competition that dominates the market today creating space for your brand does not come easy. Advertising can help a great deal in this regard but the loophole lies in the great costs that are associated with it. Not every organisation in business can avail to put advertising to its benefit. But now you can keep all the worries about cost away as promotional products come to rescue. Promotional products are the perfect solution for all brand awareness requirements and they even hold the potential of embedding your brand name in the minds of your audience.

By the virtue of their utility, promotional products make for something that is going to stick around for long as compared to traditional advertising that keeps you in the limelight for a very short time span. Promotional products keep you upfront with your clients and ensure that you are never forgotten. Out of sight really means out of mind in the present scenario and promotional products never let you be out of mid of your clients by ensuring that you are in their sight always.

Promotional products are the perfect solution for generating brand awareness. They not only take you to your immediate clients but also to people around them. When your promotional product is in use by the recipient it is inevitable that other around him are going to notice you too. So with a single promotional product you let your brand reach out to so many people. Isn’t that just great?